Swamp of the Dead

The Swamp of the Dead is a large swamp said to have formed around an ancient titan burial site.


The swamp is inhabited by at least three native tribes, a town of explorers and settlers, and many viscous beasts and insects. The Washa, Maktai, and Treid, tribes are all native to the area, while missionaries from The Church of Erathis and various Trade Princes have established a settlement on the eastern bank.


The swamp is mainly low bushes, mud, and marshland. Hills and densely forested patches form somewhat of a maze throughout. The town of Sevilla is located on the eastern bank of the swamp.


Scholars from the entire realm debate on the validity of Professor Alfred Q Westingcnton I’s theory of an ancient titan burial ground resting at the bottom of the deepest section of the swamp.

Swamp of the Dead

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