A growing town located in the Swamp of the Dead.


Seviila was originally settled fifty years ago by explorers and traders from two competing countries to the north. While a moderate fishing economy kept the population growing steadily, the recent demand for giant crocodile skins, and one native tribe co-operating with the villagers has led to a recent surge in growth and activity.


Sevilla is run by two separate, but equal groups, The Church of Erathis, and the Trade Princes. Each party has an equal vote on the town council. The Church represents one country, while the Trade Princes represent the other. Clerics of Erathis see the Swamp’s natives as ripe for conversion, and the Trade Princes see them as skilled hunters, and seek to distribute their giant crocodile skins. The town’s police force is the Sevilla Corps


Sevilla is mostly inhabited by a mix of Humans, HalfOrcs, HalfElves, and Halflings, although its not uncommon to see Elves, Dwarves, and many other races passing through. The Church of Erathis is mostly made up of Humans and Halflings, while the Trade Princes, are Human and Dwarf. The more feral HalfOrcs and HalfElves come from the badlands to the south.


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