This adventure is going to focus on undead, voodoo, and swampy locations, hopefully some brutal challenges. As you need to be a total badass to even survive out in the Swamp of the Dead, characters will start at level 2 and be entitled to a magical item of level 1, 2, and 3, or an equivalent amount of gold, and any mundane equipment necessary provided, any magical items must have an explanation (family heirloom, stolen, crafted themselves, etc). If your character is a villager or lives in the town of Sevilla, then you will also have a residence.

Characters can be locals, either explorers or merchants settled into the village, or natives of the Maktai tribe, as they are the only ones allied with the villagers.

Characters can also be travelers, as the town is luring more and more adventurous folks looking to make a name for themselves in fishing, exploration, trade, hunting, bounty-hunting, criminal activities, religious exploits, and more.

Characters may also be acting under The Church of Erathis or The Raven Guard, the two religious groups active in the area.


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