The player characters will be a party sent into the marshland to put [[Alfred Q. Westington’s theory]] to the test, to enter deep into the Swamp of the Dead and find out more of it’s history.


The town council of Sevilla, pleased by the recent growth of their young settlement, have sponsored a party to enter the Swamp to learn more of the history and prove or disprove the theory of an ancient titan burial ground. The members of the party were decided by the city council but travellers from the entire realm were drawn at the thought of fame and ancient treasure. The party will also consist of natives local to the area, to act as guides and liaisons with the local tribes.

Power source backgrounds
  • Arcane

Arcane characters could be sent by the Fallcrest College of Applied Magic as researchers or professors, or be wandering sorcerers or something.

  • Divine

Divine characters could have ties to The Church of Erathis, one of the founding forces of the town, as a missionary or paladin or whatever. Or a divine characer could be an agent of The Raven Queen, as rumours of undead are widespread. Or wandering prophets, clerics, priests, whatever.

  • Martial

Martial characters could be soldiers from either countries’ army (I haven’t come up with country names yet because I am lazy), be members of the Sevilla Corps, or some sort of outlaw as the town is somewhat seedy. A martial character could also be a native of Swamp of the Dead, a hunter or craftsmen or something.

  • Primal

In this setting, the primal power source will be voodoo-inspired, most of the primal heroes would be natives of the area and have voodoo-based abilities. Witch Doctors, hunters, tribal warriors, or something along those lines.

  • Psionic

If you want to use the new psionic stuff and can find it go ahead, A select few Humans have been showing recent signs of psionic ability and communication, it is a rare and mysterious phenomenon.


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